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Safety Boots


Safety boots

Lace-ups or slip ons, Rigger or hiking style boots, at DS Safety we’ve got a full range of safety boots suitable for all-day wear in any industry. Our exclusive selection of work boots is specifically designed to tick three very important boxes – safety, style and comfort.


The primary function of safety boots is to protect your feet. So we only stock work boots we know are fit for the job. No matter how tough or rugged your work environment, we have the right safety boots to cope. Working in forestry? Not a problem – we have tough boots that are specifically designed for this challenging environment. Want something a little more ‘wearable’ but still with that extra protection? That’s easy too – simply check out our hiking style safety boots that are perfect if you’re out and about all day, yet still need something you can wear if you need to pop back to the office. We also have a range of smart work boots that are specifically designed to protect the delicate metatarsal bones in the foot. An extra layer of protective material prevents injury from downward impacts, while supportive ankle padding prevents the foot twisting.


Even if you’re out and about, we know you still want to look smart. So our range of work boots and safety boots are designed around the principles of combining form and function, so they look good while protecting your feet. We also realise that ladies sometimes need a narrower fitting safety boot, so we have a range of work boots specifically designed in smaller sizes. Whether you prefer a lace-up or a slip on, ankle or shin high, we have the perfect style for you.


Safety boots should be comfortable enough to wear all day without any painful chaffing or rubbing, so we make sure our range is as comfortable as it is practical. Safety boots don’t have to be heavy or inflexible – we choose lightweight boots made from both modern and traditional fabrics so that your feet stay cool, dry and comfortable all day long, no matter how tough the terrain! For more information on our full range of safety boots and work boots, simply browse our selection or contact us direct for more details.
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